Art of Living

« To breathe Paris preserves the soul. »

Victor Hugo, Les misérables


France is among the countries where work and the quality of life are equally important. Here the key thing is time to enjoy pleasures like talking for hours in cafés or bistros, going to art shows, operas, theatres, movies, fashion and interior decoration shows; buying fresh food, cheeses and wine in street stall-markets and fairs; leisurely walking around chic, landmark areas or new areas that have become trendy; travel miles to savour unique ice cream and pastries. When booking a restaurant, and if given the choice between elegance, a delicate meal, comfort and efficient service, the French will choose all of the above, with fresh and well-prepared food, served at a well decorated table, eaten with several hours of delightful conversation and accompanied with the right wines, a refined act. These are delightful memories that stay forever in their minds.


Paris excels in its culinary tradition and creativity: exquisite aromas, succulent dishes, and letter perfect service. In restaurants sommeliers offer specific wines to harmonize with dishes, because a fine meal has to be associated with the pleasure of the palate, a gastronomic act. Have a taste of the wonders of traditional French cuisine, and discover the secrets of French gastronomy with our experts. Let us advise you and choose among the great diversity of high quality cuisine in Paris: typically star rated parisian or regional restaurants, brasseries, terraces, open air cafés, bars, tea rooms, known for specific dishes and refined interior decoration, each with its own particular atmosphere and style of serving. Paris invites gourmets and gastronomic aficionados from all over the world to a real feast.

Several other French regions are also universally known for their cuisine, wines and fine restaurants. Please contact us to learn more about them.

Culinary arts are a combination of talent, expertise and high-quality produce: truffles, fois gras, cheeses… Alain Ducasse creates many of his exquisite variety of dishes with truffles, offers meal courses combining truffled fois gras and truffled brie de Meaux. It's a fact, foie gras belongs to the French cultural and culinary heritage. With over 350 varieties of cheeses, France is definitively the nation where cheese makers have retained theirs skills and craft to offer a refined, traditional or innovative array of textures and tastes. Refined desserts are a delicate finale for a supreme dinner. As for excellent wines, their production is an ancestral tradition, and French wines are considered the best in the world. Let us accompany you to caves and cellars. The wine museum is an absolute must during your visit so that you may witness wine making, the making of Dionysus' drink, as a science, mastered perfectly by French producers, from Antiquity to the present day.