Facing an increasing consumption which implies a new life style, the city is fighting pollution, global warming and the loss of biodiversity through a number of interesting initiatives. At the same time, numerous businesses are specializing in developing products and services respectful of the planet. Conscious of these efforts, we provide special environmentally friendly tours around the capital.

Traveling green

We offer ecological circuits encouraging promenades, the use of bikes made available in Paris as a new non-polluting and fun mode of transportation, or riding on open two-deck buses or shuttle boats to different sightseeing places. These innovative proposals keep clients informed about Paris' sustainable planning, help make children and parents aware of the measures taken by a city facing environmental challenges, and add to the pleasure of the outdoors while making vacation time with youngsters more enjoyable.

Environmentally conscious

We can also explain how the city is fighting global warming in shopping areas, gardens, new buildings, contemporary architecture, entertainment spaces, public transportation and energy management and how the multinational companies support these efforts. We will also point out refined industries creating eco-conscious products in different domains: fashion, jewelry and accessories, skin care and cosmetics or bath accessories.

2 hour visits

4 hour circuits