Luz provided us with an unparalleled and exceptional experience in Paris. Not only was she very knowledgeable but she was also incredibly engaging and entertaining. I found the experience with Luz so good that I recommended her to the cast of Robert Wilson's Temptation of Saint Anthony when they were performing at the Garnier Opera House in 2005 - who also rave about their experience with her

Executive director - THANC Foundation, USA

Dear Daniela,
Where do I begin? Thank you for your incredible knowledge and warm hospitality. Going to Paris for 7 days we wanted to get the most personal and "local" flavor to our visit. You delivered a superb service with all of your knowledge of museums and art work. The stories you painted about the artist's lives at the time of the work, made the paintings and sculptures come to life giving a new perspective to the artist. Now when I see a particular work of art, flashes of their life's love, triumphs or tragedies come to mind as if I were watching a movie. When I am asked how my first trip to Paris went, I immediately respond, "It truly exceeded all of my expectations. I am in love with the city and I had the most magnificent personal tour guide imaginable. When you visit Paris, you must contact Daniela Sander (Ms. Sander). Her passion and love for the city is evident from the first moment you meet her. My husband and I still talk about how her enthusiasm and zest for Paris and life influenced our visit!" Thank you Daniela for making our trip so memorable!

Dr. David and Jill Sisson-Millersburg Ohio

We genuinely enjoyed our visit to Paris. The circuit you prepared to please us all was a great success. My wife, the children and I found Paris very enchanting and exciting in your company. The Opera house was an unexpected and a fascinating journey: the sketches of customs, sets, the scale models and the view of Chagall's painting on the ceiling of the auditorium were marvellous discoveries. The Eiffel tower, Montmartre, the exhibit "L'Atelier de Fontainebleau" at the Orsay museum, the Louvre, the Pompidou Centre, the Latin Quarters, Notre-Dame, the new 12th district, the Cinemathèque Française, the passerelle Simone de Beauvoir, the panoramic view created by the library François Mitterrand, the Seine with its reflects and bridges under the sunny skies stay for forever in our memories. Thank you also for allowing time for shopping, selecting restaurants and making arrangements for transportation

Andrea Musso -Studio Grafico, Genova, Italy

We all truly enjoyed Luz, her knowledge and enthusiasm for your beautiful city: The visit and the show at Opera House, Malmaison, finding a last minute expert for the flee-markets, and the restaurants suggested in Paris. All arrangements were "seamless", perfectly executed: Travelling by cab, car or underground. Luz thought of every detail to make our visit comfortable. I will keep in touch

Regency Antiques, Boston, USA

Robert Castro who worked with Peters Sellars as assistant director for the production of the Children of Herakles, at the Bobigny theatre in Paris came back to New York raving about the delightful and in depth visits with you at the Louvre and the Pompidou Centre. He considers these "the most enjoyable experiences in Paris, next to his work". I will send you the dates of my next visit to Paris so that you could kindly make reservations for other performances or new exhibits

Phantom of the Opera, Broadway Production, New York

Luz, you showed us a wonderful and cultural time. The Opera was awesome. I have been there before but it did not compare to the in depth background and tour you gave us. The restaurants, cafes and wine you turned us on to could not be beat

Leslie Hersch, USA

Nous voici pour vous remercier de l'accueil et de la compagnie! C'est un des périodes les plus sympas de l'année que nous vivons. Cette année la découverte des passages couverts, de Chartier, et de Julien

Armando Palmieri, scientific researcher

Luz, while we were in France for a very short time, you organized for our family a customized visit to the Villa Savoy, Versailles, Chantilly and a dinner at the Procope to satisfy our individual interests. If it were not for you, our trip would have been much less memorable, and we recognized that you only scratched the surface with us. We want to return very much. Maybe we can be part of your next innovative itinerary? You were knowledgeable, witty, well organized and efficient about getting around while placing monuments in historical context. We still talk about Chantilly and the tour at the Opera House

Glasswork artist, architect, and art history student, New Mexico, USA

Luz, quiero agradecerte por tu amabilidad y conocimientos pues las veces que he visitado Paris y he disfrutado contigo como guía no solamente ha llenado mis expectativas en cuanto a lo hermoso de esta bella ciudad, su riqueza cultural, sino también de tu buen direccionamiento para las compras y espacios de recreación, como los magníficos restaurantes donde compartimos. Mis compañeras de oficina han quedado maravilladas con mis comentarios y dicen que cuando viajen a esa ciudad quieren contar con tu guía. Espero volver pronto

Abogada, Colombia

Luz' knowledgeable and witty commentaries on the history and design of the Palais Garnier made the Opera House sign on its own, always on key. She is a brilliant conductor

Professor of Physics - Rutgers University, USA

During the last ten years you provided us with an enriching and enjoyable experience while visiting new exhibits, monuments, neighbourhoods, arcades. Please send us the calendar for 2008 as soon as you have it ready

Scientific researcher, CNRS, France

When I went to Paris in the spring of 2001 - after moving from New York to London in a corporate relocation - I had a wonderful experience there. It was one of my first weekends going away from London; my partner organized the trip and contact Luz to show us the highlights.

Since I'm not the artsy type (typical banker), I explained to her that if we visit the museums, she has to make it short and sweet; she got it right. We started at the Arc de Triomphe, continue to the Eiffel Tower and strolled along the Avenue de New York (how appropriate for a New Yorker) to the Louvre Museum. Once at the Louvre, She picked the tour that was perfectly geared for me: informative, specific, without missing any of the main exhibits… just perfect! We continue to Montmartre, the artsy neighbourhood, and I didn't know what to expect. She first told us - from the bottom of the hill, before walking up to the top to Montmartre, the story of Saint Denis and how he walked down "headless"; then she turned our attention to the art nouveau sign of the Paris Underground before we started walking up the hill to reach the basilica of the Sacred Heart (with our heads on). I found all these historic information incredible; perhaps I needed the history in order to appreciate art in its fullness. After a few drinks in the bohemian neighbourhood, we ended the evening in a typical Parisian restaurant. Since I'm not the exotic eater, Luz picks a place that I would eventually like something in the menu (the menu was all in French, but she translated it for us); the food was phenomenal. I then realized that she understood what I wanted to do in Paris. What a great weekend!!!

I'd been back several times since; each time more exiting. Luz suggested that we should go to the countryside and we took her advice. Every time we go to France, we stop in Paris for 2 days or so and then we travel to the country. We have done trips to the Loire Valley, visiting castles like Chambord, or, going to the incredible palace of Fontainebleau and the most amassing gothic cathedral of Chartres. We have loads and lots of good memories.

Every time my partner and I go and visit France (not longer just Paris) she will have a fascinating site in mind, or a new area to discover. Leave it to Luz and the rest is history… and I love history. I wonder what's in store for this year

Neil Barrett, Deutsche Bank, London

I remember my first trip to Paris, staying in a hotel close to the Arc de Triomphe with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Luz met my partner and I at the hotel restaurant around mid-day. She was planning to show us the highlights of the city.

We started by heading towards the Eiffel Tower to initiate our tour. Once there she explained all the details about it: its history, dimensions and the legacy. Since it was a beautiful spring day, we continue by walking along the Seine towards the Louvre. When we got to the Louvre she asked us how much time we wanted to spend; time was short for just a weekend so we decided 2 hours was sufficient. She gave us a great tour covering the highlights, or the masterpieces that everyone would like to see (my partner and I new that we will go back and see the rest someday). After a quick lunch we headed towards Montmartre, the bohemian neighbourhood made famous by artist like Picasso and Van Gogh. We toured the Sacred Coeur basilica and the area, ending up in one of their famous brasseries for cocktails and to watch the sunset. We culminated the evening in one of her secret Parisian restaurant (not in the tourist guidebooks). When my partner and I went back to the hotel, we both agreed that it was a perfect day in Paris and that we would visit again. That was back in 2001!

I have been back to Paris at least twice a year ever since that trip and I always rely on Luz to organize the visit - not that I wouldn't know what to do, but she knows best. Some of my visits were a little more complicated; I brought my partner's brother and his family (4 kids, ages 4 to 12) and she did a terrific plan for kids: it was like my first weekend, but, with children. They were so fascinated that they were asking so many questions.

On another opportunity I brought my mother, who only speaks Spanish, to see Paris for her first time. Luz, being a native Colombian, was able to communicate so well with my Venezuelan mother. I told Luz that I will give her the highlights tour (I was an expert now), and that I would let her plan the rest of the visit. She picked us up at the hotel in the morning of our second day and took us to the country side. We visited the famous palace of Fontainebleau, where the Mona Lisa by Da Vinci once stood. In the evening we went back to Paris arriving at night. Luz gave us the most incredible tour of Paris at night. Wow!!! That's why the call it the "City of Lights".

Every time I'd been back I don't know what I going to see, but I know that she is like a magic box: so full of surprises and exiting things to show you.

I love Paris any season `cause it sizzles due to Luz!!!!

José Florido, Photographer, London

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